School Meals

In line with the increase to charges that was approved by Members at the 2024-2025 Council budget meeting on Thursday 29th February 2024, the cost of a traditional school meal for the new financial year, effective from Monday 15th April is as follows:-


Primary School Meals –                Increase from £2.30 to £2.40 per 2 course meal – this will apply to pupils in P6 & P7 until the full roll out of universal free school meals is agreed by the Scottish Government.

Summer Autumn 2024 Primary Early Years 3 Choice Menu.pdf

New menu from 7th May 2024


Our Catering Staff are proud to provide good value meals using quality ingredients carefully sourced.

For further information on school meals please visit;

School meals | School meals | The Highland Council 

Free School Meals 

All children in Early Years and Primaries 1 to 5 receive free school meals. For children in Primaries 6 and 7 the cost of a meal is £2.40.

Should you wish to apply for Free School Meals and/or a clothing grant please visit ;

Free school meals and assistance with clothing | Free school meals and assistance with clothing | The Highland Council 

Free School Meals/Clothing Grant

All P1-5 children receive Free School Meals, however, the Clothing Grant entitlement is not automatically allocated unless the relevant paperwork is completed.  Therefore, I urge all parents, and especially P1-5 parents, to look at the link below and complete the paperwork if you think you are entitled. 

To receive free school meals and assistance with school clothing, your household must be in receipt of any one of the following:

You can also apply:

If you are on Universal Credit, we require evidence of your current award, showing:



Current recipients of means tested clothing grant and free school meals only need to reapply if any of the following have occurred since your most recent Clothing Grant Payment

If you have a child in Secondary School  S5 / 6 who will be returning to school after the summer holidays, you will not receive your clothing grant payment until the school confirm their return to school.  

The School Clothing Grant is £154 for Primary School children and £165 for High School children. Our online application form asks you to provide your bank details to allow us to make payment. If you are unable to provide bank details please contact us by email at

If you have questions relating to the Free School Meals and Clothing assistance scheme, please contact us by email at

Special Diet and Nutrition

If your child requires a special diet for school meals, further information is available at;

Special diet and nutrition | School meals | The Highland Council