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Registration form for our Out Of School Care Club.

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Direct Debit form

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All About Me 

Julie Heatlie

Daniel Shanks

My name is Julie Heatlie and myself and my colleague Daniel Shanks run the after school care at St Joseph's R C Primary Primary School. This comes under the banner of School Age Childcare (SAC).

The costs are £5.05 for one hour, £10.10 for 2 hours or £13.10 for a full session.

The sessions run Monday - Friday 2.45pm - 5.30pm.

If you think you may use SAC then you need to register your child/children. Application packs can be emailed, or handed out, out on request.

We are based in the dining hall and we have a bell at the door. The door is on the lane from the playground to the car park. We gather in the dining hall, have activities and snack and then the children have the choice of staying inside or going out to play in the playground.

Applications should be completed and returned, preferably a month before you wish your child to attend. Any changes to days you want your child/children booked into should be made with a month's notice.

You should complete the days and times you would like your child/children to attend, I will work out the cost and then you need to complete a direct debit form to cover the cost. This needs to be done before your child/children use the club. If your use changes in the future I would need an email to confirm the change in amount and that is forwarded as confirmation so your direct debit amount can be changed.

We would ask that you contact us by email, if you can, if your child/children will miss one of their sessions. This would be really helpful to us. Please could you also cc the school in when you do this. I check my emails before the sessions start but if there is any reason I cannot then the message will also be received by another member of staff.

If there are any queries please drop me an email or speak to me at pick up time.

My email is

If you need to speak to us during the session please call 07561 692113. We will do our best to speak to you then but it will often be noisy!