Play and Learning 

Here at St Joseph's children experience hands-on independent play with appropriate skilled intervention.  Children learn by doing, thinking, exploring  through quality interaction, intervention and relationships.  Play and learning is founded on children's interests and abilities across a variety of contexts.  We offer an environment which is child-centred, fun is absolutely essential and children are encouraged to plan and evaluate their learning.  Resources are used to support learning rather than dictate learning. We ensure children are able to have easy and independent access , encouraging the use of their self-help skills and decsion making

When children are involved in self-directed play , staff have an opportunity to observe their learning and , if ,appropriate take it forward through sensitive intervention.

We do this by using :

We track each child's progress through Early Level and record on an observation sheet called a developmental overview

This will be regularly updated over the next 2 years through discussions with yourselves and observations in nursery 

Health and Wellbeing leaflet

Health and Wellbeing 

funky finger leaflet

Literacy - Writing 

Reading with your child leaflet

Literacy - Reading 

Numeracy leaflet