Welcome to St. Joseph's RC Nursery

"Together we believe, together we achieve!"

Our nursery offers a thriving environment for all pupils to learn. We follow our school motto in all we do. Our nurturing setting ensures our children experience success and learn in a safe and stimulating way. We learn through play and encourage our pupils to problem solve in all aspects of their development. 

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School Main Entrance 

Early Years Entrance 



Nursery and P1


What our families think of our nursery : We are committed to promote partnerships between home, school and the community.

" My child is happy, and I feel they are well looked after in St Joseph's. The professionals are very good, and they communicate well"

"As parents we are pleased to see progress and independence as a child and student"

"Great nursery, lovely teachers , happy my child is part of St Joseph's"

"Cant thank the staff enough all three of my children loved the nursery"

" Staff are open , friendly and very professional:any concerns , issued raised have been dealt with sensitivel. I feel confident in the school and staff and am really happy with our choice of nursery and soon school"

"Staff are fantastic and very approachable: my child loves nursery and talks of nothing else"

What our Professional Partners think of our nursery : We are committed to promote partnerships between home, school and the community.

"Lovely to see staff supporting and showing real interest in the children and their interests a good variety of activities on offer and toys/activities are well labelled for children to find. great to see a variety of sensory activities available to do both inside and outside"

" A warm friendly feel as soon as you walk into nursery"

" I was really impressed with the staff and children during the visit. All staff were well informed of the tooth brushing programme and carried this out with a child-based approach, promoting independence and learning with an encouraging attitude"

"Overall i was really impressed as an outside agency coming into this setting, making collaborative working a great success"

" The staff were really encouraging and supported and praised the children during this learning session"

"The staff were keen to learn more and accepted additional training resources to promote their continuous learning within the early years setting"